Indian Monsoon Malabar

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Indian Monsoon Malabar


India’s romance with coffee goes back nearly 400 years. Legend credits Muslim pilgrim, Baba Budan, with bringing back seven coffee seeds from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He is said to have planted them near his mountain cave in Chikmahlur, Karnataka State, now considered the home of Indian coffee.

The 'monsooning' process consists of exposing natural coffee beans in layers of 4"-6" thickness to moisture-laden Monsoon winds in a well ventilated building

With medium acidity, this coffee will offer earthy, smoky and woody notes with a spicy finish.

Origin | South India - Karnataka, Western Ghats

Strength | 4

Roast | Rich

This coffee is available as whole beans for you to grind at home, or in 3 types of grind Cafetiere, Filter/Dripper or Espresso.  Please use the drop down arrow to make your selection.

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